Adult happy halloween

happy halloween


summer time in the para-burb



Saturday afternoon in July....

There's a little girl sitting on a chair behind a lemonade stand on the front lawn of the house and so her back is turned towards her mother.   


                           Brenda is looking through the screen of the bay window partially open on the left side inside her dark dining room.  She closed all shades to make sure it was dark enough inside so the outside can't see into the darkness of her semi-tinted windows.  Watching her beloved only child, nine year old Cindy.  The love of her life.   About a month ago Brenda gave Cindy a typical kid's birthday party consisting of fun games and an entertaining clown.  All went well, she is happy with her life even though her husband died of heroin overdose last year!  No one knew he was a junkie, not even Brenda.  But she's over it now.  He had two milllion dollar life insurance.  Just like her previous husband, who also had two million dollar life insurance for Brenda in case he died.  And indeed he did die, he died crashing into a boulder by the desert highway.  What caused the accident no one knew...just like Cindy's father, Brenda's first husband who had a boating accident and drowned.  He too had life insurance...... Brenda appreciated that gift from him but the other gift was even more precious...Cindy!   For one thing Brenda always wanted more than the financial security, a child. Especially a daughter, so she can teach her child her life works!

Life's good and she knows definitely her child is having a happy one too because Brenda considers herself a good mother, the very best!

This is Cindy's first lemonade stand and of course Brenda's a bit apprehensive for she heard about serial killings of children in another distant state.  But never the less to Brenda that was worrisome enough.  Although thousands of miles away, the threat, however, it was never far away enough for Brenda's too close for comfort sentiments.  So she is intensely watching Cindy as of this moment, even shutting off every noise makers, especially her I-phone.  The less distraction the better so she can concentrate like hidden cameras spying.  Standing in front of her window in the dining room Brenda has her scoped rifle ready by her side, just in case you never know was her logic.  A mother can never be too obsessive about protecting her only child as far as Brenda is concerned.

My Cindy, my baby.  You look so pretty with your long straight blonde hair sitting out there patiently waiting for a customer.  It's only been five minutes now since you started.  Oh mommy loves you so much honey.  You know I want to be next to you out there in the front lawn but you want to be independent....that's my babygirl!  But I'm still going to be watching you honey, just in case, never know.  I can't help myself, mommy will always be mommy no matter what........and who's this?

Brenda grabs her rifle and began aiming at this slightly tall man with dirty blonde hair parted on the left side and wearing glasses.  She can see clearly because of the scope's lens.  This man's head is very vulnerable to a sudden burst of ripe tomato.  If he tries anything funny, anything!   Brenda's ready to pull the trigger at any moment if needed for she had plenty of practice at the nearest shooting range in her neighboring town of Bethlemher.  "I will kill you motherfucker," whispered Cindy to herself.


"Hello little girl, can I buy me a cup?"

"Okay, it's fifty cents mister." said Cindy.  Upon receiving the two quarters from the man, she quickly dropped it into her money jar.  Clang!  Clang!  Then she gave the man a full plastic cup of lemonade and said, "Thank you mister!"

The man greedily finished the cup in two gulps.   "Ah.... that was very good!  Hi, my name's Jeffrey Dahmer.  And what's your name?"

"I'm Cindy and mommy told me not to talk to strangers.  But she said that if they buy it then it's okay for little bit because mommy says she's watching inside the house.  Can't talk long mister or I have to scream like mommy told me to!"

Jeffrey smiled at this, "Oh I see, your mother is very smart."  He looks at the house and all the dark tinted windows...and then he noticed a movement where the partially open window is....  "She's right about that, never talk to strangers.  Okay Cindy, you have a nice day.   And thanks for the lemonade, bye."  Too bad you aren't a little boy.

"Bye mister." said Cindy watching the man go his way down the street.


Brenda puts the rifle down again.  He had me going for a second.  I wonder what he said?  But I know my Cindy.  I bet she told him what I told her to say, in case someone talks to you for too long.  Especially a man.  Tell them I'm watching from the house!  ....And I have a gun!  No, no, no.  Couln't tell her that, ha ha...   Brenda was smiling at her thoughts when suddenly a new possible threat approached in a grey mini-van and a clown came out!   Oh my god!   Who the fuck's this in a clown outfit?!    Unh-unh, no fucking way!   This one's an alarm bell!   Sorry honey, but mommy has to break her promise not to interfere.  Because this looks to be an abduction attempt.....!

Brenda runs out of the house without her rifle, it's okay, she has her mace in her front pocket and a switch knife in her denim's back pocket.

Cindy is startled when her mother is suddenly behind her just like the clown seems to be.

"Mommy, you said you was going to let me do this myself,  alone mommy!"

"I'm sorry honey, but I need to talk to this clo..."

"Hello Brenda, remember me?  Oh I'm sorry, I've different suit and make up on from the last time you've seen me.  And also this van is brand new, just bought it two weeks ago.  I'm John Gacy, I was the clown you hired for your daughter's ninth birthday about a month ago?"

"Oh that's right!  Oh my god, it's so embarrassing!  Oh I'm so sorry for coming out here like a mad woman!   But I thought for some reason, for sure, I thought you was going to kidnap my daughter!  I swear!  Horrible of me, I know.  And I don't know why I thought that.  Sorry to startle you John, I'm so sor ...."

..."Hey, it's okay, I understand perfectly how you feel.  Since these days all you hear about are these sick monsters in human-suits kidnapping kids and doing all kinds of horrible things to them, it's enough to make any parents sick with worries and just edgy about it.  So yea, I know how you feel!   I've four lillte boys myself so far... I know where you coming from.  And I just realize that I must have looked out of place driving around as a clown suspiciously so because I haven't put my business logo on my new van yet like i had with my old one when I worked for you.  I thought I just stop by, noticing your daughter's lemonade stand and remembering how you helped me with my business so I thought to help your daughter out since I'm on my way out to another birthday job, that's why.  So I do apologize for stirring you up like that, coming out like this, so sorry about...."

..."Oh no John, it is I, who have to apologize for acting such ....over reacting to things?"

"No need to apologize Brenda.  And no, you didn't over react, NO!  ...but look, I've got to get to my job now.  Don't want to get there late, I always like coming earlier that way I can prepare better for the job ahead.  So take care Brenda and bye Cindy, good luck on your lemonade sale.  Bye!"   She's not my type anyways you bitch!   Too bad she isn't your little boy!

Brenda and Cindy saw the clownish arm waving good-bye out the window of the new van as it drove away.  So mom and daughter waved back at the van as it drove away, good-bye!

"Mommy can't you let me doo this my way, please mommy!  I want to do this myself, pleeeeeze!"

"Oh okay honey, mommy's so sorry.  I didn't mean to get in your way sweetie.  Here, give me a hug and a kiss and then I'll go back inside.  And I won't do it again, promise!"

Cindy forgave her mother and gave her a big hug and a big kiss.

And Cindy worked for another two hours before she decided to call it a day.  She made about twenty-five dollars!   Which of course she put into her piggy bank her last father gave her when he was alive.  And she still remembers her other father before this one, although not as good as her second father....mommy said i had another father but i was too young to remember...

Mommy tells me she has a new boyfriend now, his name's Ted Bundy.  Mommy says boyfriends become husbands and husbands become fathers i'm going to have another father soon, yay!


Later in the night someone landed a Hyundai-XTO .458  on Brenda's drive way.  Cindy looked down through her bedroom window on the second floor and saw a man coming out of the flying car as her mother greeted the man.

It must be Ted Bundy, her mommy's new boyfriend! Landing one of those new flying cars she saw on her holographic computer's multi-ads.   The man suddenly looked up at Cindy's window and smiled.   I like the way he looks, mommy said he is a good looking man, yes mommy's right!   I want a father!.... and then she saw her mother get in the car and she watched it fly away!




Sadly it was the last time she saw her mommy.....



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