Adult lollipop


There's a dirty old man driving around looking for some fresh meat. Some sweet little girl maybe. Perhaps. That's what the dirty old man is thinking as he parked his car near the butcher shop and got out. As soon as he stepped out of the car something caught his ancient predatory eyes. It's a little girl all by herself he's thinking.....!



There's a mean old prune faced lady waiting for her husband to pick her up at the butcher shop. She's looking through the glass of the front doors, running out of patience mumbling to her angry self. And then finally she saw her husband's car turning into the parking lot. Well it's about time god dam mit! She's thinking to her self. Mel. That damn husband of mine.... he's always running late! Never fails! Every god damn time!.....



No wonder Mel completely forgot about his wife and her nagging dentures.... because he just came back from the doctor's office and got the grim news he didn't want to hear. But knew it was coming. He's got about six months left .... so maybe that's why he needs to fulfill his fantasy before he goes........ like this sweet little young girl ....... And now he's following the scent of her sweet young wet  ..........MMMMM......



Now where is he heading to? The wife saw her husband suddenly turning around heading towards the nearby woods next to the parking lot. So she slowly came out of the butcher shop because of her achy right knee. And yet, began walking towards the woods despite her protesting knees and having to carry a bag full of pork chops. Because curiosity is greater than her pain. Besides she's got her walking stick to alleviate some pressure off her right knee. Stubbornly she followed the trail..... wait 'til I catch up to you, Mel ......!



 The old man despite his age and an advanced stage of cancer had no problems chasing the little girl. Soon he caught up to her and immediately grabbed her from behind around her waist with his right arm. While his left hand closed over the little girl's mouth to keep her from screaming......



The feisty old lady set in her ways, ignored her throbbing right knee and kept on following the dirt path. Some what muddy because of earlier light shower, there are two distinctive set of foot prints on the trail that she can clearly see. One is definitely her husband's and the other one is a ...... ?



The old man is in heaven. He is having the best time of his life, so far!

"My God! I love you girl! Yes, I love touching you! And you smell so clean.....mmmm." said the old man as he touched her and then forced her to lick his fingers smelling of her scent........



"Mel! God damn you! What the hell you think you're doing, mister! Just who the....."



The surprised old man quickly got up off the ground and turned around........



Suddenly the little girl took the opportunity to escape while the old man is being distracted by his wife. She ran straight towards the old lady and ...........



began licking the old lady's ....... fingers?!











puppy...... AAAAAWWWWW.......!



...... SUCKER!








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Comments (7)

  1. wirelessgeo14

    I just read the last part and it looks good

    March 03, 2017
    1. justanothaboringblogg

      Thank you. Yup, last part is always the best….. fast forward….. climax!

      March 04, 2017
  2. arabica

    Your creative mind is intriguing !

    March 04, 2017
    1. justanothaboringblogg

      Wow! What a coincidence! Possibly synchronicity connecting us by chance? Because I’ve wrote about you on my previous post. I’ve been captivated by your blogs, they’re all beautifully written! I’m so impressed that I doubted your age. I will apologize to you now before I get the wrath of your tongue. For I’ve mislead myself into thinking that you’re an OLD WOMAN. Pointed out to me by another classy lady such as yourself, whose mind’s very similar to yours by verbally slapping me lightly….. “SO.” ….. Once again, sorry, if I’m being ignorant of your age. I assure you it isn’t relevant, not here anyway in a place like Thoughts. The reason I sort of fell in love with your blogs is that it seem to coincide with my own emotional rollercoaster dealing with my personal drama taking place involving a recent break up with my current girlfriend, and also this little texting with my PAST. This someone from my past whom I still have feelings for. And thus, in a way your blogs helped me like a coping mechanism, because in your blogs I felt your pain and it sort of guided me like a beacon of hope. Because you seem to have gotten past that final chapter and moved on. Although your situation was different from mine, emotionally I felt connected with your despair….. um… something like that ….. Well, I hope I didn’t turn you off. Anyways, thank you for dropping by …..and have yourself a wonderful weekend….. Miss.

      March 04, 2017
  3. wirelessgeo14

    Last part is always the best

    March 05, 2017
    1. justanothaboringblogg

      patience is over rated

      March 06, 2017
  4. wirelessgeo14


    March 06, 2017