Adult WTF! .... murder on my street!

It was just few days ago.....


On Wednesday it was warm like late Spring, and then Thursday .....BAM! Just like that!

The snowstorm sucker punched us hard in the lower back. I say that because I had to shovel like around a foot of snow with a bad back( yup, snowblower don't work, lol)  Well, I can't complain because I did have a day off from work. But that means I had to get up early next morning to remove snow at my family's business. And that's what I noticed when I went to warm up my truck. There were mad police everywhere down my street..... dafuq? That's what I said to myself as I got in the truck. And later on while I was working at the store my girlfriend called me, and told me what was going on over there.

Shit like murder ain't suppose to happen in Chicopee. Next door Springfield where I work at, or operate my family's biz.... oh yeah! It happens alot!  But not here in good old quiet city of Chicopee where my home sweet home is at ....oh no.... oh hell no!

Damn....damn ....damn it......




i HATE TO SAY THIS ....BUT .....


That dude Kevin Blanton.... umm I'm sorry my dude .... but you've fucked with the wrong pussy!

Come on now ... that bitch is a CRAZY vengeful CUNT! .......and you made a baby with her ......










BTW.... i CAN SEE MY HOUSE IN THE VIDEO ......... maybe TMI? (FU stalkers, lol)

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Comments (4)

  1. justanothaboringblogg

    oh no! … another snowstorm today …. it’s snowing now…. oh come on God! …..what the hell ! …… give my sore back a break…… o’well…. fuck it……. (whistling) ….off to work I go…… ….. this sucks!

    February 12, 2017
  2. belladora

    Unfortunately, in domestic situations violence is common. Emotion, children, anger and a “gun” is not a good combination. It can happen anywhere. At lest they caught them. A murder in Andover MA of a married couple has never been solved. Like most rich towns, they just pretend it never happened. Murder doesn’t take place in Andover. It just reflects today’s society. Less guns might help. Just an opinion.

    February 12, 2017
    1. justanothaboringblogg

      I just came back from shoveling my driveway, and had a brief conversation with my neighbor across from me. She was shoveling also. Anyway, she and I agree on one thing. And that is we both think she had her new boyfriend kill him, that’s about it. Because no one really knows for sure why she “set him up.” And we both shook our heads about the situation with the kid. Mommy’s new boyfriend killed Daddy…… now that’s fucked up!

      February 13, 2017
      1. belladora

        Totally agree ! No value on human life. No Dad ever… Sorry it happened.

        February 13, 2017